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Fibromyalgia Assessment – The Key To Our Therapy.

Assessing the condition of your fibromyalgia condition is the most important part of our Freedom From Fibromyalgia program and is the "KEY" to our amazing patient results. It is during this phase that we can get to the bottom of what is causing your problem. The fibromyalgia assessment phase consists of four important steps.

1.) Fibromyalgia Consultation & Case History Before beginning any type of treatment we
really need to get to know you. Our doctors take the time to sit down to review all of your complaints and really look into your health history. We are also happy to review any other prior test results, findings, and treatment notes.

2.) Fibromyalgia Evaluation – After learning about you and your fibromyalgia symptoms from our initial consultation, we will then provide a relevant and comprehensive examination. Our exam will consist of Neurological Tests, Coordination Tests, Orthopedic Tests, Range of Motion Tests, and Palapation Tests.

**NOTE – Additional diagnostic testing may be recommended depending on your fibromyalgia examination results. This can consist of MRI, x-rays, blood work, metabolic testing etc.

3.) Your Personal Fibromyalgia Treatment Plan – You will be given a specific treatment plan that addresses your individual fibromyalgia needs. Each patient is treated as an individual so all recommendation are unique and relative to our fibromyalgia examination findings. We will sit down with you to make sure you understand all aspects of your fibromyalgia treatment plan and you count on our wonderful staff to guide you through the entire fibromyalgia treatment process.

4.) Reassessment – We will reevaluate you at regular intervals so we can track your progress and fine tune your fibromyalgia program throughout the different stages of care. Each person responds a little differently so it is critical that we monitor the response to care.

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