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Neuromuscular Conditioning For Fibromyalgia.

Research has indicated that more than 80% of patients with Fibromyalgia
are not physically fit.

Although it is understandable that Fibromyalgia patients do not want to exercise because of fatigue and pain, if they do so, the prognosis is greatly improved.

“Exercise is the cheapest and most easily available anti-depressant. It is also very effective. Exercising daily for at least 20 minutes is essential to maintain good health and well being."

Before cringing and saying there is no way I can exercise, please give it a chance because it is a necessary step in the healing process. It is one of our main goals to help you feel better so that you can exercise and to match you up with exercises that help your body heal not aggravate your condition. We even use special technology that makes it easy and comfortable for you to begin to exercise like the Power Plate and the ATM-2.

It is our job to let you know that exercise is going to be something that helps you heal and must be part of your long term Fibromyalgia treatment plan. We have many wonderful Fibromyalgia treatments that will help you feel better so that you we can transition you easily into the correct neuromuscular conditioning Fibromyalgia program.

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